Little One

Little One

I’m watching my little girl grow up
Right before my eyes
And within her I see myself
So many things are different
Between the two of us
And yet so many things 
Remain the same
I was the big girl
The chubby but funny one
Probably pretty 
Surprisingly smart
And what I lacked in social graces
I made up for in spunk
But I was a target 
For all the other girls
The pin cushion
To their venomous fangs
Words spit at me 
That stung terribly
And those wounds just never seem to heal
And how I wanted to protect her
So that she had a thicker skin than mine
But I see how it feels
I see it happening 
Over and over
The little girls
Using words as weapons
To wound my little one
Her self esteem
Taking the blows
My brave girl
Who is so different from me
My magpie
Chirping at anyone who will listen
Slippery as an alley cat
She navigates the playground 
And the tin can tossers
Playing on her own
Or with anyone else alone
Because she doesn’t want them to feel lonely
Wearing a smile 
Until bedtime
With her bravery worn down
To the bones
We cuddle together
And she tells me about her day
And she cries 
Because she doesn’t understand 
What makes her such a horrible person
To all these other girls she treats so kindly
And I tell her stories
Of when her mother was young
And the words that were used to hurt me
How I turned those words into fire and ice
I made them mine and took their power away 
And we both cry 
Me, because this cycle seems doomed to repeat
And her, because she understands that she is not alone
So here we are once more
Mother and daughter
While I try and bear the weight of her pain 
As I once bore my own
But my little one
It doesn’t last forever

Words: ©2021LCR
Image: No Claim to Copyright, Purity by Kim Berggren 


  1. This tugs at every heartstring I possess .... I was blessed to have a circle of friends growing up who were "good girls" .. no shaming, demeaning, cruel behavior from any of them, including myself. My heart aches for young women and young men who are faced with this kind of abuse. Yes, she has you.

    1. I want to say it's all a part of growing up, but it shouldn't be. But it's helpful to know that she's not alone. She's found her tribe and recognizes in others what they don't always see in themselves. I'm very very proud of her.


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