The Vow

The Vow
She didn’t expect love.It was a marriage for power.To align clans and loyalty. She was the daughter of a chief and he was a warrior.A man almost twice her age. They were never meant to fall in love.
She knew when her father told her that she was to be married that she was being bargained.She wasn’t a bride but a bribe, a reward for loyalty and dedicated service.She wasn’t happy about it but she knew the importance of duty and honour.Hers was a role also meant to be played.She didn’t know the man but she knew she would marry him as she was told.Love did not matter in a time of war.
What she did know of him, she had heard by word of mouth.This man was different.Solitary.Hard.Rarely smiled.He was the type of quiet that makes other’s nervous.What would he make of her? 
The first time they met was the day of their wedding.He didn’t smile once.He stood stoic and proud, but she had chanced to look deep into his cold blue eyes and there had been a flash.Like lightning it struck her.…


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