Watch Me

Watch Me   I want you to look But do not touch Stand right there   Where I can see Hands slip slowly Down my sides I want you to watch And just see me Grasping hemlines Raising high Expose stomach and rib To sight Lift more slowly To reveal Breasts and shoulders Immense delight Drop hands again   To waist and then Unfasten Zips and ties And slowly with gentle push Reveal round hips and thighs Have your eyes   Yet had enough I will not stop There's more Whatever hasn't   been unbound Now slips down   to the floor I stand Full fleshed and naked Before your roving Eyes I feel your gaze   Upon my skin Heat grows Between my thighs I step back Hands moving still Laying down Upon the bed I touch myself In private ways Until you Raise your head Have your eyes Now had enough   Seen all   There is to see Now it's your turn I want






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