New Adventures

New Adventures

The thing about life
Is that you never know
When you're about to start
A new adventure
Some have prescribed beginnings
Going to school
Getting married
Starting a new job
But once you've begun
You don't know exactly
Where you're going to end up
Nor how you're going to get there
You may have an idea
Of the final destination
But sometimes you end up
Completely off the map
And that's not always
Such a bad thing
I have been taking the same path 
For years
But I'm about to branch off
Onto a new one
It's scary
But also exciting
The forest is not dark
But inviting
And I'm ready
For this new adventure
To begin


  1. How exciting! That's exactly how new undertakings are for me: slightly terrifying and glorious, all at once.

    1. Exactly! Terrifying and exciting all at the same time. So far, so good!


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