A Voice in the Dark

A Voice in the Dark

I know I haven't been here much
Rather not at all of late
The words scrambled and ran
And I couldn't find a reason
To chase them
I just let them go on their merry way
While I remained
Somewhat stationary
While the world moved on around me
And it's not that I sat in darkness
But rather that I held it inside
A sort of security blanket
Soft and quiet
That I could hold on to tight
Because things kept changing
In a way I couldn't control
And rather than try keep pace
I decided to stand still
And wait
I needed time to think
So the words left me 
In favour of silence
Until I could hear
My own voice
In the dark


  1. That is the best of reasons for absence and time in the dark. Sometimes the only way to get back to ourselves is to get completely lost (for a while). It is so good to read you back.

    1. Even when I'm silent I'm still reading you. :) Your voice is one I love to hear.

  2. You "popped" into my mind this morning! Wondering how life has been treating you. And for the life of me I could not remember the name/s of your blogs. My detective skills kicked in and here I am. Wanting to read more of your amazing posts. All is fine in Bend Oregon, though I have lost two of the dearest men I've ever known in the past six months. Trying to heal.


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