I Do Not Want to Love You

I Do Not Want to Love You

I do not want to love you
I just want
To make love to you

I want to kiss your cheek
Your mouth, your neck 
Taste the sweat on your lips
Feel the heat of your breath
The softness of your tongue

I want to touch your shoulders
Wrap my arms around your neck
Caress your back
Have you pull me close
And feel the strength of your arms
As they lift me
To meet you
Mouth to mouth

I want to undress you
Pull your shirt over your head
Run my hands down your chest
Stop at the button of your jeans
And gently pull

I want to slide my hands
Around your waist
Drop to my knees
And kiss your stomach
Turn my face up toward yours
And smile an impish grin

I want to expose you
See you naked
Watch as your body moves
Muscles tight
The heat of your blood
Radiating through your skin

I want to touch
And taste
Every part of you

I want you
But I do not want to love you
Even as I fall


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