Moon on Water

Moon on Water

I come to you 
Like the moon on water
Darkness waves 
And carries the cold 
It settles on my fingers 
And tingles like frost
I use my breath 
To erase the chill 
And blow a kiss 
That sails
On the night
Directly to you 

Words: ©2021LCR
Images: CCO


  1. You created pure magic placing your poetry on the image .... Brava!!!!

    1. Thank you. These take so much longer than just writing and sharing an image! I've gotten very lazy. Lol.

  2. I've always love it when people, who are apart, look at the moon at the same time to be reminded that they are still close. This poem reminds me of that. We can always kiss those we love under the same moon, regardless of distance.

    1. We're never so far apart that we don't share the same moon. But it is even better when you kiss beneath it.


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