Bookends - II

Bookends - II

I know you…

This solitary man
Who keeps himself to himself
Because he is the only one he trusts
Broken one too many times
His heart is never given
But earned piece by piece
And never wholly
But slowly over time
Each side of him is revealed
In small quiet ways
He is gentle 
Like a soft summer rain
But rumbles with thunder 
And flashes with lightning 
In the heat of his anger
He burns like a fire
The flames
Reveal the depth of the darkness 
He holds within
It isn’t cold
But warmly embraced
His mind is a storm
That sets him adrift 
And in those times he wanders
Alone and awake
Where his thoughts take flight 
Like a bird… 
Whose music I hear
In the sound of his heart

Yes, I know you… 
Perhaps even more than you know

Words: ©2019LCR
Image: CCO