Fragile Heart

Fragile Heart  

You are an old soul
With a fragile heart
You have all this strength
But without weakness
You tear yourself apart
You love but never fully 
You always hold something back
Afraid of rejection and disappointment
You keep a piece of yourself hidden
You don’t share it with anyone
Your slice of darkness
Comforts you when your soul
Is restless
You are pulled toward flight
You cannot stay in one place
With one person for too long
Thinking you’re not meant
To be here
Feeling out of time
That feeling pulls at you
So you would rather push 
The ones who love you away
To make leaving easier
Thinking you are saving them
And yourself from heartache 
But you get more and more broken
Until the pieces don’t matter anymore
Swept under the rug
Or simply thrown away 
But you will second guess yourself
And this decision for the rest of your life
Not knowing whether or not
Saving that piece of your heart
Was worth losing the whole one
You were given

Words: ©2020LCR
Image: Be Still My Broken Heart by Gallery Beguiled