I Want You Again

I Want You Again

I want you again
Like I had you the first time

Soft sweet kisses that become
Eager and insistent

I want to feel your hands
As they explore beneath my clothes

Fumble at clasps and buttons
Until I need to show you how

I want to light my fingers across your chest
Wrap my hands around your arms

Feel the strength of your muscles
As you lift me to bed

I want your mouth on my skin
Your taste on my tongue

Knit my fingers in yours
As you hold me close

I want the weight of your body on mine
The crush of your chest against my breasts

Sense the rise and fall of our breathing
Rib to rib, mouth upon mouth

I want to wrap my legs around your thighs
As you press down upon me

Embrace your body 
With my own

I want to feel you inside me
As I lift my hips to meet yours

To become one and nothing
And everything together

I want to touch 
Every part of your soul

Trace your memory in desire
As you close your eyes in pleasure

And when we are done
I want to do it again

Just like we did
The first time

Words: ©4/3/2021LCR
Image: No Claim, All Rights to Original Artist 


  1. Oh my!!! Not fair, I say .. not fair. All of the memories of the most sensuous, powerful love experience in my life have come rushing back. Impossible to ignore. Impossible. Eight years (over thirty years ago) interspersed between so many of life's mundane and quite amazing episodes. Sigh.

    1. Best comment ever... Thank. you. Some memories make me entirely breathless and fill me with the longing to live them again like they're brand new.


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