I Would Like to Seduce You

I Would Like to Seduce You 

With shy blue eyes
I watch you move across the room
Stop you easily
With a smile

Touch my fingertips to your hand 
Knit my fingers through yours
Trace circles on your palm
And draw you in

Put my lips to your ear
And with heated breath
Only your name

Pull you into a dark corner
Press my body against yours
And feel the pulse of your breath
Quicken as I touch your skin

Wrap my leg around yours
And draw you down to me
Feel hips and thighs
As you move against me

Press my nose to your neck
And drink in your skin
Hear you sigh
With the heat of passion

I would like to seduce you
To kiss your mouth
Touch your body
And walk away satisfied. 

Words: ©2021LCR
Image: CCO