She would sing…
All the time
Everywhere she went
Whatever she was doing
And she wouldn’t even realize
She was doing it
The words would burst forth
In the most unexpected moments
Like her soul 
Suddenly had something to say 
And needed to be heard

His favourite…
Was when she was singing 
And didn’t know he was listening
Barefoot dancing in the kitchen
Hips swaying
Completely lost in a song
Only she could hear
And most times he would just watch
Quietly from the door
With a quirky little smile 
Playing across his lips

But sometimes…
He would be moved by her song
And he would come hold her in his arms
Pull her close
And they would dance 
And the music he heard
Was the sound of her voice
As she sang directly to his heart

Words: ©2018LCR
Image: No Claim to Image