Night After Night

Night After Night 

I want to be there for you
To talk about
Whatever it is
That keeps you up at night
The thoughts that run marathons
Round and round inside your head
Until you're completely exhausted

You hold on to silence
Like a shield
Words unspoken
Do no harm
Except to the one
That holds their peace
They tear at you
From the inside out
And yet you still won’t speak

I think you’re afraid
That if you tell me 
What you have been thinking
I will argue with you 
And try to persuade you
That you are wrong

But I suspect
That it runs even deeper
What you really fear
Is that I won’t put up
Any fight at all
Because I'm weary too
Kept awake
Night after night

Words: ©2020LCR
Image: The Night-Raven by Vincent-A-Silence