The Eros Edict

The Eros Edict

There are no hard and fast rules
When it comes to love
No one size fits all
Version that conforms
To everyone

We all feel love differently

The lightning strike 
Of instant attraction
Whether it is chemical 
Or emotional is irrelevant
Just that it is sharp and intense

The firework flashes
Of first love
The explosive colour and thrill
Felt in the chest or pit of the stomach
And more often than not
Between the legs

The slow candle burn
Of commitment
The steady flame 
Prevailing over time
Providing light and comfort
In the dark

How you feel love is unimportant
Only that you do love

The Eros Edict

To Love

Quickly, Passionately, Deeply, Fully

With all of your being

Words: ©2017 LCR
Image: CC0