Trust Me

Trust Me

Shut your eyes
Close them gently 
And stay as you are
Place your hands
And do not move

You must trust me

I want to know you
With eyes closed
So I can place my hands 
Upon your skin
And learn your face
By touch

With palms on your cheeks
Caress the soft skin 
Of your face
The smooth stubble 
Of your cheeks
The bristles of the beard
On your chin

Trace the outline
And curve
Of your lips
With my thumbs
An archers bow
Slightly parted
Waiting for
Cupid's kiss

Use fingertips
Over the bridge of your nose
Across eyebrows
Softly on eyelids
A tickle of eyelashes
Keep your eyes closed

To your forehead
Haughty and proud
Relaxes under the gentle
Touch of my hands
My fingers on temples
Feel the pulse 
Of a heart within the man

Run my fingers along the crescent moons of your ears
Hold delicate earlobes 
Between finger
And thumb
And feel the hollow

Glide fingertips 
Through your hair
Short and soft
It pricks without pain
Until my hands
Find each other

Now open your eyes
Trust me

Words: ©2018LCR
Gif: No Claim