Fat Girl Ugly

Fat Girl Ugly 

When I look in the mirror
Who is it I see?
Fat girl ugly
Is she really me?

I walk with my head down
My eyes on my toes
Fat girl ugly
Right under my nose

Cruel and crass
Words thrown in my face
Fat girl ugly
All over the place

Thing is - those words
Don't come from without
Fat girl ugly
Is my own self-doubt

Am I fat? Am I ugly?
Am I prone to disgrace?
Is it only my body
Or all over my face?

I know I'm not perfect
But why can't I see
Fat girl ugly
Just let me be

So this is the new me
Not full of shame
Fat girl ugly
I'm changing your name

I'll hold my head high
As I shout it out loud
Brave girl beautiful
Strong and proud 

Words: ©2019LCR
Image: CCO