Once I was whole
Every part of me accounted for
Each piece fit snugly to the one next to it
And they created a perfect picture

Then one day I met someone 
And we compared pictures
We found that our pieces matched
So I gave you mine and you gave me yours

The picture was still beautiful
But it had changed drastically
New colours were added
New landscapes and interesting designs

Soon I was trading pieces
With so many different people
That some of mine were lost
And some pieces didn't fit me at all

My picture became unrecognizable
Whole sections went missing
Nothing of my original picture remained
So I stopped giving pieces away

Over time I started finding
Some of my lost pieces in other people
They had extras they could spare
And slowly my picture reappeared

While it may be blurry and incomplete 
My picture is still a masterpiece
And I will keep adding to it
To fill in the hole

Words: ©2017LCR
Image: CCO