A Taste of Country

A Taste of Country

I have memories of this
A childhood spent here

Two corn-silk haired little imps
Sneaking beyond the gate
Small hands lifting the latch
Laughing on little feet
Delightful deviousness
During a game of hide and seek

And the corn stalks
Stood taller than my crown

We played in the rows
Jumping back and forth
Grabbing cobs from the green
Peeling back the husk and golden silk 
And tasting the unripe corn
The kernels bursting in our mouths

And we were lost 
Ever so quickly

And as the yellow sun set we grew afraid
Older you took my hand 
And picked a random row
Walking toward nowhere
And when we reached the end
We sheepishly followed our feet back home

Golden haired children with gravel in our soles
I remember this place

Words: ©2020LCR
Image: CCO