Go To Girl

Go To Girl

I'm not your
Go to girl 
You don't get 
To come to me
You pull the light
From me
Stand in my glow
And do not shine 
For me in return
You expect me
To be there
Whenever you need
A little light
To see
But when it's me 
Who needs 
To be rescued
From the darkness
You disappear
Like a flame
In a bell jar
So you can't 
Have me anymore
I won't be your
Little ray of sunshine 
I won't be your
Go to girl

Words: ©2021LCR
Image: CCO


  1. It's not a route worth traveling if it's not a two-way street. A sad lesson we all have to learn. You capture it well. Salute!

  2. Some people don't deserve our best. They just don't.

    I love the speaker's strength. There is a time when one needs to learn that not even compromise can work. And it seems this particular soul is there, and ready to move on...

    1. Totally drained and tired of not being reenergized. Time to turn out the lights. Thanks Magaly.

  3. Your mood influenced this poem ... it is spectacular. Hope you are feeling energy-infused today. ♥️

    1. Thank you. Definitely getting brighter. :)


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