I promise this will be hard
A love like ours
Could never be easy
It will take work
Love and laughter
Compassion and understanding
Apologies and forgiveness
Through good days and bad 
And every day in between
It will be hard
We will need to work 
To be here for each other
To support one another
Through every up and down
Each high and low
And to know that destiny 
Never gave us a choice
But to love one another
So no matter how hard it gets
I promise 
To love you harder

Words: ©2020LCR
Image: CCO


  1. Love is a stubborn thing. And it needs to be, especially when things get hard... since, like your poem suggests, is the time when lovers need to love harder.

    This is powerful. And true.

    1. Thank you. Love is a very stubborn thing! :)


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