I Can

I Can

I can say what I like
This mouth is mine
As is this tongue
I can say what I please

I can use my body
As I wish
I own it
Nobody owns me

I can live inside my head
My thoughts are my own
I am allowed
To dream without fear

I can do what I like
For the only person
I must answer to
Is standing right here

I can choose
What I want
Because ultimately 
The choice is mine

I can go
Wherever I want
For I have a spirit
You cannot confine

Words: ©2020LCR
Image: CCO


  1. YES! I LOVE this! So strong, so true!

  2. I echo your glorious roar, sister! And these days, when so many believe they can have power over us, I suspect the chant is echoed by many. Wild wings shan't be denied!


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