I Find That I Want You

I Find That I Want You

I think that you have
Taken up residence
Inside my head
And there are times
When I close my eyes
That I want to live there

You appear at random moments

When I am running
Going fast
Yet getting nowhere at all
You push me forward
Just by being near
I am running
With nowhere to go

You come to me at night
As I lay awake
In darkness and silence
And when I roll over
It is your arms
Your solid strong arms
That I feel
Surround me
As I shut my eyes
And dream

Your presence comforts me

I want your voice
As encouragement
Pushing me on 
When I don't have the will 
to go any further

I want your body
As a blanket 
That shields me in the night
The warmth and security
That lulls me back to sleep

I want you as a thought
Those moments that make me pause
And live outside my head
And if possible 
For just a moment 
To go live in yours

Words: ©2021LCR
Image: CCO


  1. This is tender, longing, luscious. I miss days when I was half of a couple ... sigh. Memories will suffice♥️

    1. Sometimes what we keep in our heads is enough. :)


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