I Know You

I Know You 

You think I don't know you
A casual acquaintance
The occasional conversation
Perhaps the friend of a friend
But I know you

I have seen you
The gregarious outgoing boy
Become a quiet introspective man
Who hides his thoughts 
And authentic self
By talking about anything
Instead of speaking about something

I have seen you use words
To create a wall
Around yourself
To keep others out
It allows you to hold
Close to your chest
Who you truly are

But I have also seen
Those walls come down
Broken, when you finally reveal
A true piece of yourself
The poet's heart
Beneath the brash exterior

I have seen you
Unguarded and quiet
Honest and endearing
And in those brief moments
When you are most yourself
I see you

You may think 
That I don't know you
But I do

Words: ©2021LCR
Image: CCO


  1. This, for me was incredibly thought-provoking .... I know him.


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