I Know

I Know

I know your face
I know the feel of your cheek 
Beneath my palm
I know how far 
I will need to lean up
In order to kiss your lips

I also know
That you will let me 
Take the lead
That you will wait for me 
To step into you
I know that your hands
Will find my hips
Holding me at a distance
Until you are sure
I am sure
And you feel
The invitation in my kiss
And you will wrap 
Your arms around my waist
To pull me close
One hand finding 
The small of my back
The other falling 
Somewhere lower
To pull my body
Into yours

We fit together
Like puzzle pieces
I know

Words: ©2022LCR
Image: CCO


  1. When it comes to love and lovers, few things are as magnificent--and desired--as knowing. This is beautiful. The poem and the tale it tells.

    1. Yes, it's the knowing. And knowing the feeling. Thank you.

  2. Reading your poem is like listening to Bolero … yum.


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