Days of Summer

Days of Summer

I don't want to grow up
I want the days of summer
To be as long as I remember

I want to go to the park
And swing on the swings
Legs pumping high
And stomach dropping 
Watching the ground shift
Feet flying over trees
Until the only thing I can see
Is the clear blue sky

I want to play outside
On the hottest days
And only stop long enough
To eat orange Popsicles
That melt sticky all over
My hands and fingers
Licking and slurping up the sweet mess
Until my lips are stained orange

I want to drink
Straight from the garden hose
The cool fresh water
Running down my chin
Onto the soft grass at my feet
I want to make
Rainbows of spray
That fall down on me
And cool my skin
Then I want to jump
In the mud puddles I have created

I want to ride my bicycle
As fast as I can down a giant hill
My hair blowing behind me
Let go of the handle bars
And find my balance
Before I go sideways
And then walk right back up the hill
To do it all over again

I want to run around the lawn
In my barefeet
Feel the blades of grass
Reach and tickle between my toes
I want the soles of my feet
To be black from the tarmac
When I come inside 
At the end of the day
Because I have forgotten
Where I have left my shoes

I may have gotten older
But I don't ever
Want to grow up

Words: ©2019LCR
Image: CCO