How Many Times?

How Many Times?

How many times have I touched you?
Have my words reached out 
And gripped you from afar?
Have you felt them in your head
Crawling under your skin?
Have you saved any in your heart?
Have my words traced along your thoughts 
And given you goosebumps?
Or perhaps they trailed up your spine
And sent you shivers?
Maybe they have touched you so intimately
That now you are unsure as to whether 
The words are mine or your own?
As if your sentiments
Had suddenly sprung full-fleshed onto paper
Did you smile at a thought?
Cast your mind back into memory?
Or did you place your hand to your chest
And draw breath because 
In reading you somehow forgot to breathe?
Did you shed a tear?
Because suddenly you were not alone
Finding a connection in feeling
Because we have shared something vital
Separately together
How many times have I touched you?
Without touching you at all

Words: ©2019LCR
Image: CCO


  1. A very deep meaning to this write , Loved it

    1. Thank you. Ended up being a kind of stream of consciousness piece. Just started with the question "How many times?" and followed my thoughts.

  2. Sometimes that is where we get the deepest feelings from


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