Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

When you left
My heart shattered
Into a thousand pieces
Each delicate tear
The fell from my eyes
To the ground
In diamond shards
Cutting deep
Let me be
Crystal clear
There are no words
For this heartbreak

Words: ©2021LCR
Gif: No Claim, Dracula (1992)


  1. Sixty one years ago today, two ‘youngsters’ married .. Four precious children were born of that union. Sadly after twenty-two years, the marriage crumbled. Our youth, Vietnam, the rigors of medical school .. all of it did us in. Your poem today reminded me of the anniversary, though it was his heartbreak … as I needed to exit. Today, we are great friends. I love his wife and their two daughters, plus their two little grandchildren. Sorry for rambling … poetry has a way of forcing feelings to the surface.

    1. I love rambles. And I love hearing memories. It's sad but also happy, as everyone seems to have ended up in a good place. Thank you so much for sharing with me. xoxo


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