If I Had You

If I Had You

If I had you
I would not want for more

I love you
And that is all I need you to know
But if you want a reason
It is for this fact alone
You make me happy
It is as simple as that
But it is so much more 
Complicated than that too
I love you as much 
For your faults
As for your strengths
I love the man that you are
The one you show the world
And the one known only to me
I love the man who is good to himself
And the one who forgets that he should be
I wouldn’t change a thing about you
For to alter one thing
Would be to redraw you entirely 
And I would not want that for all the world
And I don’t need the world
I only need you 

And If I had you
You would not want for more

Words: ©2020LCR
Image: CCO