Lost Without

Lost Without

Lost to me
I find myself 
Within the silence

To the feel of your touch
The brush of your mouth

A whisper of your breath
Upon my neck
That makes me shiver

Arms encircling me
Holding me close
Until I can no longer breathe

And I don’t want to breathe
Until the air has passed 
From your lips into mine

I am haunted by the dream
Of you reclined
By my side

Your body smothering mine
Beneath a careful dome
And arch of spine

I have no desire outside of you
No hunger or thirst, no want or need
Except for that which feeds my soul

I am missing without the one
That makes me whole
I am lost without you

Words: ©2019LCR
Image: CCO


  1. Such a deep write , a feeling of longing ?

    1. Something that feels both primal and perpetual.


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