Three Seconds

Three Seconds

The lightning blinds and I see you...

One one-thousand

All of the moments we spent together 
Seem to congeal into one
As the rain runs down the window
Captured in my reflection
Are the tears I do not cry
Streaming down the face
Of an image that shares 
The same heart as mine
Does it rain now where you live?
Or are we too far apart?

Two one-thousand

Did you see the lightning?
It brightens the sky in a flash
And if you blink 
You miss it
But sometimes you feel the electricity
In the air
Making my hair stand on end
Like the touch of your hand
On the small of my back
And I shiver 

Three one-thousand

The rain beats against the window 
Trying to get inside
Sending showers of tears
To woo me outside of myself
But I’m already there
I can’t see anything anymore
All I can do is count
The seconds
The miles
To reveal how far the eye

... I count until I hear thunder

Words: ©2019LCR
Gif: No Claim


  1. Thanks. Was an older write (much older... like wrote it in university older) but I did some major editing/rewriting. It's raining here again... kinda fit the day.

  2. Well it was intriguing in it's aspect , I remember the count between lightning and then the thunder .........well done regardless

  3. Thank you. I did like the form of this one. The counting was in the original write too.


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