Come Back to Me

Come Back to Me

Through the darkest of nights
With stars as my guide
I have searched for you
In those places you hide

Through ages of time 
You I never leave 
This love unforgotten
I you still believe 

These moments between us
Just brief spans of time
No distance between us
Just your heart and mine

My soul is set free
As the clocks all unwind
Come back to me
Come back to me

And I know that you hear me
Like the tune of a song
The notes that have been
In your heart all along

Between these two worlds
We belong each to each 
No matter how far
The distance may reach

What began as a flicker
Ignites to a flame
I you find in darkness
You I find the same

My soul is set free
As it sings out your name
Come back to me 
Come back to me

Words: ©2018LCR
Image: No Claim


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