Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

I will not fall
I will not fail
I will fight
Tooth and nail
Before I surrender

I will burn myself
To cinders
And rise
Even stronger 
From my ashes

And from the darkness
The black emptiness
Where all seems cold
There is a light
That burns hotter than any ever known

In one breath
The night explodes
In a cacophony of sparks
Rising like stars
Into the midnight sky

For I am ignited
From ashes to cinders
Cinders to embers 
Embers to flame
Flame to inferno

A phoenix rising
Tempered in fire
Ever consumed and undefeated
And if I am challenged
I will take you with me

Words: ©2017LCR
Song Inspiration: Iron by Within Temptation


  1. I love the defiance here, the gung-ho bravery even while being honest about the possibility of defeat.


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