Stars of the Sea

Stars of the Sea

To the cliffs of Beachy Head,
My love did go with me.
To look upon the starlit sky,
And gaze upon the sea.

To the edge I slowly drew,
The wind beckoned me on,
Had not my love then grabbed my hand
How far might I have gone?

Then my love did tell me of
A maiden long ago,
Who, for her love long gone to sea,
Did dare the waves below.

Alone no longer could she stay,
No longer could she bide,
So down she went to Beachy Head,
To watch the evening tide.

Slowly, slowly, raise she up
And to the edge drew nigh.
Upon the wind I’m sure I heard,
The weeping maiden sigh.

To the water down I looked
And floating on the wind,
Her final words they came to me;
Love forgive me, I have sinned.

The words were taken up it seemed
By the waves upon the shore,
And it is said the maiden awaits
Her love for ever more.

Sea and sky did seem as one
The two I could not part.
The wind did carry my love’s words,
Straight to my very heart.

My love and I then looked upon
The cliffs of Beachy Head,
And noticed the waves far down below,
Held the stars from overhead.

Words: ©1997LCR
Image: ©Andrea Heribanova