She couldn’t be what she was
Only what she is
Scorned as timber
Beloved of the sky

Words: ©2019LCR
Image: ©1935 Emily Carr - Scorned as Timber Beloved of the Sky
Submitted to: Real Toads - The Art of Emily Carr

Poet’s Notes:  This poem was written as a response to a prompt to use a painting of Emily Carr as the basis for a write.  In this case, I was inspired not just by the artwork but by the title of the piece as well.  In the painting the focus is on a very tall tree amongst a crowd of stumps and smaller trees.  This particular tree has been “scorned as timber” and the first inclination is to think that she has been rejected, that she wasn’t good enough for the mill; but I think the reverse is actually true, that she is far too beautiful to be anything other than what she is... a tree and beloved of the sky.  


  1. Beloved of the completely wonderful and beautiful. Sorry to be so late with my commenting! This is GORGEOUS.

    1. Thank Sherry. I did see that you were having problems with some of your comments. I agree, to be beloved of the sky. I added a Poet's Note above to explain a bit of my thought process on this one.


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