Young Together Once

Young Together Once 

We were young together once
You and I
Thick as thieves
Friends for life

We were first loves
And first kisses
First heartaches
First misses

We grew older
You moved away
Did you ever think of me
Or of yesterday

I saw you once, maybe twice
When we were teens
I could see the way you looked
Read the lines in between

I lost you as an adult
But never hard to find
I think about you often
Do I ever cross your mind

If you were to see me
Stand before me here
Would I see within the man
The child I held so dear

We were young together once 
Do you remember when
Some bonds are never broken
I still love you now as then

Words: ©2019LCR
Image: CCO


  1. A love imprinted on the heart that never goes away ............such meaning in this write

    1. Yes. I don't think we ever forget our first love... there is a certain innocence to it that can never be found again but will always remembered.

    2. Well you certainly described it well , a deep imprint on your heart


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