The Heart of a Raven

The Heart of a Raven

There once was a Raven
With the heart of a man
Who longed to be human
For the love of a woman
He traded his wings
And the freedom of flight
For a life on the ground
And a hand to hold
And he was mournfully happy
Until she flew away to the moon
And he was left alone

There once was a man
With the heart of a Raven
Who longed to have wings
To trade this weighted life
For the expanse of the sky
In dreams he flew
As he once did long ago
Across the night sky
At home amongst the stars
And this man’s dark heart
Longed to be a bird evermore 

Words: ©2017LCR
Image: No Claim


  1. Wonderfully written , the before and after really hold and tell a whole story ....well done Lori

    1. Thank you. I was really grabbed by this image. It felt like it should be a fairy tale.


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