Until Death

Until Death

It was a quiet affair without pomp and circumstance.  He had well-enough money to afford a grand celebration but insisted on a small wedding.  She was heartily grateful for his kind attention.   She was the youngest of seven daughters and had no dowry at all.  But her beauty far-exceeded any other girl in the county and while that had attracted many a suitor, none had captured her eye the way he had.  

Her father bustled her down the aisle eager to give her away.   Her mother had passed at her birth so she was indeed the last of his line.  The minister, craggy-face and bowed, performed the service with due solemness, extolling upon the girl the virtuousness of maidenhead and the sanctity of marriage.   She trembled as her new husband leaned in to seal their vows with a kiss.   

As they exited the church he took her by the hand and led her into the adjoining cemetery.  The mists had fallen and the night had become cold.  Trembling once more, she hesitated.   The groom turned to look at his beautiful young bride.  “You have nothing to fear,” he said smiling with pointed teeth, “You vowed until death do us part and not even death shall touch you now.” 

Words: ©2019LCR
Image: CCO


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