Let's Go Dancing

Let's Go Dancing

I want to go dancing

Hit a club or a bar
Have a few drinks
And dance

I want to sway
Across the floor
And I want you to watch

I want to entice you 
With my body
The way it moves in rhythm

To the pounding bass
I want to lose myself 
In the beat

And forget 
That there is anyone else 
That might be seduced

By the way my body moves
The sight of me free
My eyes closed

I dance only for you
I want you to join me
On the floor

I want you to put your hands
On my hips
And pull my body

Into yours
I want to feel your
Touch on my skin

So I can imagine 
How we’ll move later
When we are alone

Let’s go dancing

Words: ©2017LCR
Image: CCO