You insist
That you have no attachments
No ties holding you down
No connections keeping you in place
No additions to worry about
Not a single extension
So then what, my dear, 
Am I?

Attachments are not shackles
That bind you to one place or person
Attachments are extensions
That allow you to go further 
Than you ever thought possible
Each person you connect with
Is one more addition to who we are
Making us bigger 
Than we ever could be alone

We are all interconnected
Our assortment of attachments
Should provide a sense of security
While allowing us the ability
To go beyond our set place
Attachments don’t tie us down
They set us free

Words: ©2019LCR
Image: I can see your red thread - ©Goshawk 


  1. Interesting read and words , well thought out indeed

    1. Thank you. Had been mulling on this one for awhile.


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