In Dreams

In Dreams

In dreams 
I think of you
I speak your name
Without a voice
Reach out
For a hand to hold
But you are as elusive
As a ghost
Vanishing the moment
The light appears
So I embrace the night
Shut my eyes once more
And return to you
In dreams. 

Words: ©2017 LCR
Image: No Claim


  1. Hey Stranger,

    I wanted to let you know that I self published "The Origin of the White Wind." It releases this Friday in eBook and paperback. I might have screwed up and accidentally release the paperback early, but it hasn't hit the international markets yet. So much face palm! But I'm published. Phew!

    Xander (ayakashi_fox)

    1. Hi Xander! That's fantastic! You'll have to share a link so I can check it out. Congratulations! (Blogger put your comment in my spam folder so it got missed. Sorry about that).

    2. It's not the first time. This blog platform hates me with seething passion, lol! ^^

      Here's the link:

  2. What dreams may come ......delightful write


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