Taking Heart

Taking Heart

The scroll work was fine 
But faded with time
Her fingers had burnished
The delicate from the design
The impression of her worry
Had left its mark upon the metal
Holding on to hope 
Taking heart for a safe return

Words: ©2019LCR
Image: No Claim (WWII Royal Canadian Air Force Sweet Heart Pendant)
Real Toads Prompt: One Word - Burnished


  1. Removing the delicate from the design .... holding onto the delicate feels right. I enjoyed this.

  2. Removing the delicate, but then lasting love isn't typically delicate.

  3. Hard-won wear is a good thing, and so is this poem!

  4. Oh, fantastic. Thanks so much for this precious poem.

  5. I love what you did here, the finger burnished heart... it does show how much courage you can draw from a precious token.

    1. Thank you yes. It becomes a sort of touchstone.


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