How It Feels

How It Feels

We fit together 
Like puzzle pieces
I know the feel of your cheek 
Beneath my palm
The colour of your eyes
Before they close 
I know how far 
I will need to tilt my head
In order to kiss your lips
And how your mouth will taste
Upon my tongue
I know I will sense
The hesitation in your breath
When you finally let go 
And let your heart take hold

I also know
You will let me take the lead
That you will wait for me
To step into you
Your hands will find my hips
Holding me at a distance
Until you are sure of my intent
And when you feel the invitation in my kiss
Then and only then
Will you wrap your arms around my waist
To pull me close
One hand finding the small of my back
The other falling somewhere beneath
To pull my body into yours
Until we fit snugly together
The picture tells the story
And I already know 
How it feels

Image: CCO


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