Would You Let Me?

Would You Let Me?

Would you let me love you?
If I ask nothing in return
Would you let me keep you?
It's your trust I seek to earn

Would you let me hold you?
In the shelter of my embrace
Would you let me kiss you?
Tender lips against your face

Would you let me have you?
In body, mind, and deed 
Would you let me love you?
If it's the only thing I need

Words: ©2020LCR 
Image: CCO


  1. Oh, Lori, this is just... delightfully heartwarming, one of those times when a hint of desperation enhances the intensity of feeling. I can hear and feel the gasps in each question, the want, the need... the truth in the speaker's heart.

    I hope the subject says, yes, yes, yes...

    1. Lol! Indeed. I rather liked that it was a request to love someone that is unconditional on reciprocation.


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