Business as Usual

Business as Usual

He speaks in business terms
He's never learned to speak politics

In business
You lie... almost
You advise your clients
Everything is under control
When behind closed doors
The place is falling apart
You give deadlines of a week
When you really mean a month
Maybe even more
You tell them not to worry
Because you've taken care of everything
When customers panic
You tell them what they want to hear
But guess who's the first to lose their shirt
When things go belly up

In politics
You tell the truth... almost
You advise constituents
We understand that there is a problem
And we are working on a solution
Our best estimate
Is that this situation could take months
Maybe even years
We recognize that things are changing
But we have a plan
And we're implementing it
When the population panics
You tell them what they need to hear
The ship may be sinking
But we're all in the same boat

When it comes to politics
It shouldn't be business as usual

Words: ©2020LCR
Image: CCO
Author's Note: I rarely delve into the world of politics.  However, there are some very real and semantic differences between how you run a company and how you run a country.  When you knowingly put your customers in danger, it is negligence.  What is it when you knowingly and willfully mislead every citizen you govern?