Connecting the World

Connecting the World

These are strange and unique times
Not necessarily new
But never before felt

Together we are in isolation
Worried about family and friends
Both near and far

Doing our best to somehow connect
Without leaving
The safety and security of home

Spreading only kindness and compassion
By lifting voices and spirits
Reaching out digitally to touch one another

Words: ©2020LCR
Video: ©AlbeVox 

Author's Note: We are in self-isolation.  But managing to maintain a sense of connection.   This is a friend that I occasionally sing with online.  He and his wife live in the epicentre of the outbreak in Italy.  "The feeling that you can't even shake someone's hand, or hug a friend, or have a drink together is really, really bad. It makes you feel helpless...I send everyone my encouragement by saying together we can make it out."   I'm sending everyone a virtual hug.  Please stay safe.