All ready to 
Begin the machine
Copying the original until
Details fade away
Each rendition becoming 
Going too fast and then 
Halting suddenly
Informed only when things get
Jammed up
Knowing it will happen again
Losing more time
Making another change
No one will ever know about
Opening the door
Picking up the pages
Quietly going back to work
Realizing that there is always
Something else to fix
Time seems endless
Until it runs out
Vexed by the monotony
Working endless hours
Xeroxing your day until 
You're completely 
Zoned out

Words: ©21/04/2020LCR
Image: CCO
Form: Abecedarian 


  1. I love the image of lived moments not living up to the originals, like copies of copies of copies that blur over time.


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