Pilfered Poetry

Pilfered Poetry

These words are stolen
They never belonged to me
I pilfered them
To give back to you


I would rather…

I would rather be a memory that haunts you
Than to be a shadow that disappears
Into this darkness where I live

I would rather that you loved me
Even if but for a moment in my journey
Than to wonder a lifetime if we could have been

I would rather feel my tears
Than the rain
For each one holds a part of you

I would rather you haunt me
For there I can keep you near
When our worlds no longer exist

I would rather I had you there
Than to live without you in my life
For it’s become a lonely place

I would rather live in this empty place
Where your memory resides
Than to be without you

I would rather have you…

Words: ©2020LCR
Found Poetry: ©Edge/2018
Image: CCO