You write,
So you don't forget;
I write,
So I don't have to remember.

Words: ©2021LCR
Image: CCO


  1. I can't imagine a world where one only writes in order to remember. The process of birthing words into being is so much more. And like your poem says, in a few cases, we write it so we don't have to carry it with us... all the time.

    1. I feel like both at times. Sometimes I have to write to remember because some thoughts are so quick and fleeting if I don't write them down they're gone. But some thoughts and ideas linger in my head so long I need to write them down in order to let them go. Writing for me becomes a way to organize my thinking, sometimes it's to remember and sometimes it's so I can forget. We've also been dealing with a sick family member who is starting to forget things so notes are left to help them remember. In the end, I figure if it's written down, I will neither forget nor have to remember because it's right there on paper.


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