Loved the More

Loved the More

You didn’t love me

The way I loved you

Though you could not have

Loved the more

The way my heart recognized yours

After so much time left waiting 

How my soul felt our connection

Before a single kiss

How I would smile 

At the sound of your name

All of our quiet conversations

The hours spent in song

How we made love to each other

Cared for one another

Even wept for the other

All the words we found 

To speak

To write

To hear

Cherishing our differences 

One who loved the water

The other the wind

Discovering we both could fly

I knew you could see me 

See you

But I loved you the more 

Because while you loved me enough

To let go

I loved you so much

That I couldn’t 

Words: ©2021LCR

Image: CCO