Too Tired to Care

Too Tired to Care

So tired

I think if I blink

My eyes will stay closed

Haven’t been drinking

But still feel drunk

No desire to eat

Spending hours searching

For shows on tv

Just to put on the same thing

For the zillionth time

Because I don't even have to listen

I already know what happens

I can fall asleep

Without feeling like

I’m missing anything

When really all I am

Is too tired to care

Words: ©2021LCR

Image: CCO


  1. What Helen said...

    The other day, I found myself thinking, Have I really watched every single movie on Netflix?" It sure feels that way.

    1. Netflix, Crave, Disney.... kinda feeling like I've seen it all before, and after watching the news, it doesn't seem to matter. There's no escaping reality.


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