Whatever You Say

Whatever You Say

I got tired of fighting


I got tired of defending myself

From you

Not that it matters 

Even when I tried 

You’d just twist my words 

To fit into your line of thinking

You always had to be right

And everyone else was wrong

You with the perfect memory

So we all must be mistaken

I really don’t care anymore

You can think whatever you want

I’m tired of the onslaught 

Of your infallible opinion 

To you there is only one truth


And I’m sick of swallowing 

All the lies you’ve been feeding me

Words: ©2021LCR

Image: CCO


  1. One must get to that point to enable change. A chabce to grow to breathe to be better self
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine Lori

    Much đź’ślove


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